Inspire your donors to think BIG ▸︎

The Power of Blended Gifts


  • Grow Your Pipeline

Learn how to capture your share of the greatest wealth transfer in history by growing an effective bequest pipeline from Paul Schervish, the expert in the intergenerational wealth transfer. Discover how wide and how deep a bequest pipeline can and should be from successful fundraisers Melissa Mencotti and JoVanna King. Don't miss Aaron Levinson on bequest donor retention strategies that really work.

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  • Empower Your Donors

Empower your donors to think and dream bigger by making transformative gifts with long-lasting impact. Learn how to exceed your fundraising goals with blended gifts from Charles Schultz. Discover success secrets for closing blended gifts from our panel of expert fundraisers. Eddie Thompson will teach you how to secure a blended gift from a major gifts donor. Bring your major and planned gifts efforts together following the advice of a successful university development team.

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  • Engage Your Prospects

Engage your prospective donors to invest in your mission. Learn how to make your donors fall in love with you from Big Duck's Farra Trompeter. Brooke Eades will teach you the keys to writing a successful donor story. Learn about developments in digital fundraising and generational marketing that can help you grow your donor base from Jay Frost. Become a passionate fundraiser following the recommendations of consultant Wayne Olson.

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  • Excel at Big Asks

Learn how to make "the ask" for major and blended gifts with big impact. MD Anderson's Chris Kasavich will teach you best practices for securing major gifts. Learn how to move your donors up to major gifts from author and fundraiser Robert Wahlers. Jackie Franey will help you inspire your donors to make the most transforming gifts of their lifetime. Use planned gifts to increase major gifts with the advice of Roy Grisham and Ray Croft.

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  • Energize Your Program

Energize your program and take it to the next level. Learn the best strategies for working with advisors from Rebecca Rothey. Discover the keys to building a solid planned giving program from Lani Starkey. If I Only Knew What I Know Now... A panel of expert fundraisers will share their lessons learned. Tom Cullinan will help you build a robust stewardship program.

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  • Build Your Knowledge

Build your knowledge in our technical track. Explore the options with retirement assets gifts from Robert Lew. Learn how to understand and choose among life income gifts from Jeff Davine. Micah Malouf will help you fuel your program with gifts of complex assets. Learn what you need to know to issue and administer CGAs from Charles Van Patten.

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