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The Power of Blended Gifts

Grow Your Pipeline

  • The Meaning of Philanthropy for You and Your Donor

Speaker: Paul Schervish

In this interactive workshop, Paul Schervish explores how our ways of caring for others are the basis for understanding your donors' philanthropy and the essence of philanthropy in general. Learn how philanthropy is a social relation of care in which people identify with others in need, how it is a vocation chosen with liberty and inspiration, and how it occurs informally in daily life and not just in relation to organized charities. Discover the importance for fundraising of changing our understanding of what animates philanthropic biographies from staid "motivations" to dynamic "mobilizing experiences."

  • Strengthen Your Bequest Program: A Stronger Stool with Modern Tools

Speaker: Melissa Mencotti

Bequests are said to be part of a three-legged stool that also includes annual and major gifts. Those stools are often wobbly because the bequest leg does not receive the craftsmanship of the other two. This course will teach you how to strengthen your bequest program by analyzing your current/past donors and identifying your best prospects for future bequests.

  • Building a Donor Bequest Pipeline on a Dime!

Speaker: JoVanna King

If you have limited money, time and staff, we will explore various ways that you can maximize your resources to build your bequest donor pipeline. At the rate of "a penny for each thought"…we will share and discuss ten ideas to promote and secure future gifts for your organization.

  • I'm Leaving You Money. Great! How Can I Make Sure You Don't Change Your Mind? Strategies for Maintaining Bequest Donors

Speaker: Aaron Levinson

You've worked so hard—or often your predecessor has worked so hard—to secure a bequest. How many meetings and phone calls had to happen to cultivate the donor? So let's not throw away all that work. That would be leaving money on the table. In this presentation, we will review a case where the donors considered removing a charity from their estate plans and how they were persuaded not to do so, and another where a charity unfortunately did lose a promised bequest. Most importantly, we will examine many ideas and strategies you can use to make sure your donors keep you in their estate plans.