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The Power of Blended Gifts

Empower Your Donors

  • Blended Gifts Increase Donor Satisfaction

Speaker: Charles Schultz

Blended gifts are the philanthropy wave of the future. They are now part of many capital campaigns and may include 30% to 50% of future major gifts. Come learn about the 12 most common blended gifts so you can better serve your donors and discover how to greatly increase their gift satisfaction through blended giving.

  • Blended Gifts Success Panel

Speakers: Donna Bandelloni, Nicole Dunn, Katy Kotlarczyk, Wayne Olson

More charities are achieving their goals with blended gifts. Learn from a panel of expert fundraisers how to direct a donor towards blended options. Hear strategies for working together with major gifts officers and other fundraisers on your team. Discover the best policies for collaboration, counting and credit. Learn how to handle stewardship for blended gift donors.

  • Blended Gifts: How to Secure a Transformational Gift from a Major Gift Donor

Speaker: Eddie Thompson

Fundraising professionals have been helping donors with blended gifts for many years, while not realizing that they have been doing so. Imagine the power of a focused effort to thoughtfully work with donors in creating a strategic giving plan. By helping benefactors create a blended gifts plan, major gift donors will feel more comfortable and excited about their philanthropy. This presentation will explore the keys to a successful blended gifts program for major gift donors.

  • Blended Gifts: How Collaboration Allows Us to Maximize Philanthropy

Speakers: Jodi Bopp and Pablo Banhos

The line that separates major and planned gifts grows thinner and thinner as donors become savvier about their philanthropy. Sometimes, the best gift a donor can make – for themselves and the organization – is a blend of traditional major and traditional planned gifts. In this case study, we'll share how Ohio Wesleyan has worked to build a major gifts culture – with positive results – from a strong base of planned giving donors, yielding results in a donor-centric way.