Inspire your donors to think BIG ▸︎

The Power of Blended Gifts

Engage Your Prospects

  • Getting Your Donors to Fall In Love With You

Speaker: Farra Trompeter

Landing that first donation is hard – but getting the second gift can be even harder. In this session, we will explore ways you can tell if your donors love you, and how you can use campaigns (capital, annual fund, year-end) to complement your planned giving efforts. Through examples from nonprofits of all sizes, you will gain tips on new techniques to woo current donors, lapsed donors, and even unsuspecting would-be donors (aka "prospects") into everlasting love. During the session, you will deepen your understanding of the relationship between your organization's brand and the communications channels you use to engage supporters.

  • How to Write Compelling Donor Stories

Speaker: Brooke Eades

A donor story does more than simply present a donor's biography. A compelling donor story should connect to prospective donors and persuade them to make similar gifts. This session will focus on the "art of the donor story" and teach you how to go from a blank piece of paper to a powerful piece of literature that will motivate prospective donors and help you reach your fundraising goals. The presentation will also take you through the writing process and present inside tips that will enable you to write a story that is engaging and that will connect to your prospects.

  • A Quick Guide to Digital Fundraising — Generational Marketing & Demographics

Speaker: Jay Frost

This is a fast-paced interactive session on the latest digital tools and techniques that will take your fundraising from good to great! You will go on a guided tour of each phase of the major donor cycle: Identification, Qualification, Cultivation, Solicitation, and Stewardship — learning the best current online resources, platforms, and approaches. At the end of our time together, you'll know how to bridge the art and science of philanthropy in your major fundraising effort.

  • The Power of Passionate Fundraising

Speaker: Wayne Olson

The difference between success and failure as a fundraiser is our passion for the position. When we love what we do, and appreciate our mission and especially our donors, there is nothing that can stop us. We will look at examples from other charities, Toyota, Marriott and especially Disney as to how we can all be better fundraisers. Fundraising veterans will find renewed passion and newer fundraisers will find themselves catapulted to higher roles with time-learned insights into better fundraising.