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The Power of Blended Gifts

Energize Your Program

  • Bankers and Lawyers and CPAs – Oh My! The Path to Successfully Working with Professional Advisors

Speaker: Rebecca Rothey

"I need to talk with my advisor first." With those words, gift officers embark on the sometimes-dreaded path into the dark forest of working with donors' professional advisors. In this session, Rebecca will share what she has learned during one-on-one meetings with over 500 estate planning attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors and trust officers and from her certification as a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®. She will discuss advisors by their specialty areas, clients' net worth categorizations, and knowledge of philanthropy. What do advisors want from us? How can we best get what we need from them?

  • Icing on the Cake – How to Build and Run a "Best in Class" Planned Giving Program

Speaker: Lani Starkey

There are many elements to a successful planned giving program. There are certain critical foundations that must exist as well as desirable bells and whistles. Together, this combination of "cake" and "icing" will ultimately lift a planned giving program to financial and professional prominence. However, if either component is missing then performance invariably suffers. This session will discuss and prioritize these important elements and share real-life examples from the speaker's own success in establishing a "best in class" planned giving program.

  • "If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now" Panel

Speakers: Michael Occhipinti, Rebecca Rothey, Cathy Sheffield, Peter Witherell

Hear from a panel of experts what they have learned based on their experiences in fundraising. Glean insights from these leaders on the best strategies for prospecting and donor relations. Learn what metrics they have implemented and how they have effectively trained their teams. Hear and apply their strategies for working with other fundraisers, leadership and the finance office.

  • Donor C.A.R.E (Connection, Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement)

Speaker: Tom Cullinan

Stewardship of planned gift donors is frequently misunderstood, misapplied, or simply missed. This session will look at best practices to systematically express your gratitude, offer recognition when appropriate, and expand relationships with your leading donors.