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  • Beyond Charitable Rollovers – Leveraging Large IRAs Into Large Charitable Gifts

Speaker: Robert Lew

The potential of harvesting a large charitable gift from IRAs is incredible considering the amount of money these and similar accounts hold - over $4.9 trillion dollars. This presentation will focus on generating large inter vivos and testamentary IRA gifts. Case studies will illustrate how a $3M IRA can be used to; 1) fund a capital campaign, 2) provide income to a family member while generating a gift to charity or, 3) leveraged into a $8M endowment. The potential of harvesting charitable gifts from IRAs is great as retirement accounts total over $4.9 trillion. This presentation will focus on capturing these gifts.

  • Charitable Giving Options - Life Income Gifts

Speaker: Jeff Davine

Donors are not always aware of the many options that they have when it comes to making a charitable gift. Some donors think that charitable giving begins and ends with writing a check to their favorite charity. It is important to provide donors with information concerning alternative giving options, including options that can provide a stream of income. This presentation will provide an overview of some of the common charitable gifts that can provide income to a donor, including charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, and charitable remainder annuity trusts, as well as some of the "traps" and other issues that can arise in the context of funding a charitable life income gift.

  • The Second Act: Fueling Philanthropy with a Business Exit

Speaker: Micah Malouf

Private wealth is booming. As a Gift Planner, you have an opportunity to leverage the value of highly appreciated non-publicly traded assets (like privately-held business interests approaching an exit) to allow your donors to give significantly more to your organization than by using after-tax proceeds. Whether your organization chooses to accept the asset in-house or utilize a third-party charitable option like a community foundation or national donor advised fund, understanding the process beginning to end will help you earn the trust of your donors and the board amid a sometimes time-sensitive and intimidating gift acceptance process. This session will focus on this often under-utilized approach to charitable giving and review case studies highlighting key strategies related to C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, private equity, restricted stock and hedge fund interests.

  • What You Need to Know to Issue and Administer CGAs

Speaker: Charles Van Patten

A charitable gift annuity program is an integral part of many charities' planned giving departments. With each state setting its own rules on gift annuities, it can be challenging to start, build and maintain a gift annuity program. Come learn about best practices for issuing and administering charitable gift annuities, as well as state registration and annual filing requirements.